This page features music used for a recent set of Cottage Garden Farm commercials. Owners Marc and Vickie with Marc’s dad Bill, a retired music professor, composed their own Cottage Garden Farm theme song and piano music.

This music was performed on a concert grand piano at a recording studio; Marc’s dad played while Vickie announced. Then Marc and Vickie both sang the catchy tune. This page is here to let you enjoy this music and share it with your family and friends.

Theme Song (Lyrical/Instrumental) | Cottage Garden Farm theme music with welcome jingle. (track1.mp3 / 472kb)

Theme Song (Instrumental) | Cottage Garden Farm theme music without welcome jingle. (track2.mp3 / 464kb)

Welcome | A short welcome message. (track3.mp3 / 272kb)

Good Ol’ Times | Music created by Professor William Roth. (track4.mp3 / 1.40mb)

All music is copyright Cottage Garden Farm and Marc and Vickie Roth. This music may not be used for any other purpose than personal listening without prior written consent from its respective owners. Please make all requests via one of the methods on the contact page.