Special Events

Tune into Wausau Channel 9 this year and you might just see one of our TV commercials during the news. Owners Marc and Vickie with Marc’s dad Bill, a retired music professor, composed their own Cottage Garden Farm theme song and piano music. They performed this on a concert grand piano at a recording studio; Marc’s dad played while Vickie announced. Then Marc and Vickie both sang the catchy tune.

When customers hear the catchy tune on the farm, some of them skip and sway back and forth. Well-known FOX 11 news representative Mark Fischer commented that he has never seen a TV client compose their own music including lyrics, produce, direct, and perform it themselves at a sound recording studio. He described the tune as “very catchy”. The FOX 11 film crew took some great shots of the gardens, walkways, and indoor displays as well as vignettes.

And remember, it’s okay to sway and skip to the music even if you are not at the Cottage Garden Farm!

View the Commercial!